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The TWTC was initiated in January, 1986 by Taiwan's foremost trade promotion organization, the China External Trade Development Council (CETRA), to provide a single, modern venue that would combine exhibition space, conference facilities, offices, and hotel accommodation for international business. TWTC combines every possible service that brings together a vast consulting services on trade-related issues, trading partners, suppliers and markets.

At the TWTC, you will be put in touch with import and export opportunities, local and overseas investment, and the latest direction in technology transfer.

This four-in-one complex is designed to accommodate the needs of the international business community, which is why there is not just one, but four structures at the TWTC. The Exhibition Hall, Int'l Convention Center, Int'l Trade Building and Grand Hyatt, all comprise one integrated business complex. The TWTC stands at the forefront of world trade while serving as a model for global trade centers.

TWTC Exhibition Hall ---Taipei World Trade Center

Since opening in 1986, the TWTC Exhibition Hall has annually welcomed more than a million visitors.

Taiwan's leading trade center offers a total of 163,000 square meters within the seven-story Exhibition Hall specially designed to accommodate both short-term trade shows and permanent product displays. The showground serves as venue for the Taipei International Trade Shows and can also be leased by organizations to host their own exhibitions.

In the International Trade Mart on the upper levels of the Hall comprises 1,052 showrooms and 1,467 booths which highlight top products and suppliers. This permanent display area has Asia's largest collection of sample products under one roof.

The Hall's exhibition facilities are complemented by such important conveniences as a post office, bank, an assisted on-line product search and information area, freight forwarding and insurance, telecommunications office, and food and beverage outlets.

Introduction to TWTC Exhibition Hall 2

The TWTC Exhibition Hall 2 is the latest landmark in Taipei's prospering Hsinyi Development District. The new Hall 2 was built to relieve heavy demand for exhibition space at the main TWTC Exhibition Hall and was completed on November 26, 1999.

The newly open Hall 2 is located just a few minutes walk from the TWTC Exhibition Building, and is next to the Taipei Financial Center and Warner Village in the center of the Hsinyi Planned District.

TWTC Hall 2 is rapidly becoming famous as the perfect venue for small and medium size exhibitions. It's also a superb place for international exhibitions or large-scale local shows like Information Month, since Hall 2 can be flexibly matched with the main TWTC Exhibition Hall for joint-venue events.

Vital statistics the TWTC Exhibition Hall 2 has a total floor surface of 9,972 sq. meters. Its main exhibition floor measures 6,706 sq. meters and it can accommodate 331 standard 3m X 3m booths. The specially constructed floor has a capacity to withstand 1,500 kg. /m2. With such a large capacity it is perfectly suited for exhibitions of large and heavy machinery.

The ceiling beams for Hall 2 stretch 43 meters. Besides surpassing international standards they also hold the title for comprising the second widest unsupported ceiling span in this area.

Full range of services Hall 2 brings into play a complete package of modern services, including a VIP Room and 2 offices for show organizers. On the second floor is a meeting room and a 3rd floor restaurant can accommodate 300 diners. Next door is a convenient 2-floor 24-hour car parking lot with a capacity for 220 cars and 97 motorcycles.

The Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) is a spectacular tribute to the emergence of Taipei as a world-class business destination. Purpose-built to meet all the requirements of international conference organizers with state-of-the-art facilities and an uncompromisingly high standard of service, it has everything needed to make a success of any congress, conference or meeting.

Located in the Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC), a 4-in-one business complex that is the focal point of Taiwan's international trade activities, the TICC brings a comprehensive range of business resources within easy reach of event-goers. TWTC facilities include product displays, world-renowned trade exhibitions, information and consulting services, as well as deluxe hotel accommodation.

The TICC has been designed to maximize functionality and flexibility, making it the ideal setting for all kinds of events. With over 60,000 square meters of indoor space that can be adapted into a variety of spatial configurations, it can accommodate events of almost any size.

From an international congress with multiple simultaneous translation requirements, to an annual meeting or the launch of a new promotional campaign; from gala balls to buffets and business conferences, whatever the requirement-and no matter how unconventional the meeting-the TICC has the facilities, technical services and operational support for a winning performance every time.

Since its opening in 1990, the TICC has played host to a number of prominent international events. A few of the events include the Lions International Convention, the Rotary International Convention, the JCI Conference, the ICCA General Assembly, the World Congress on Information Technology, and the Kiwanis International Convention.

Located in the four-in-one World Trade Center, The International Trade Building (ITB) is fully equipped with the most modern facilities and is specifically designed to accommodate businesses engaged in foreign trade. The basement level includes a parking lot, along with the main electricity supply unit, emergency generators, water reservoir, and a post office branch.

The main lobby on the first floor is broad and spacious, with a ceiling soaring to a full 7.2 meters high. On the east and west sides are located the building's coordination office and security services.

The China External Trade Development Council (CETRA) occupies the fourth to seventh floors and the fourth floor has a bridge connected to the third floor of the Exhibition Hall. The 9th to 32nd floors are leased as business offices and the Taipei World Trade Center Club is on the 33rd and 34th floors.

Grand Hyatt Taipei sets the standard for style and luxury in one of Asia-Pacific's most dynamic cities, the Taiwan capital, Taipei. Within easy access to Taipei Airport (CKS) and adjacent to the World Trade Centre at the very heart of the New Taipei, a burgeoning business, shopping and entertainment district, the hotel affords business travellers the utmost in convenience, while giving leisure travellers easy access to some of Taipei's best entertainment and shopping venues.

Guests enjoy stylish accommodation, impeccable service and luxurious amenities, as well as a wide range of culinary experiences in the hotel's six restaurants, and numerous leisure facilities, all dedicated to making yours a truly enjoyable stay in Taipei.

For business or pleasure travel, meetings, conferences and catering, private parties or a night on the town, we invite you to explore the exciting possibilities that await you at Grand Hyatt Taipei.

Grand Hyatt Hotel Exterior

Grand Hyatt Hotel Lobby


Panoramic view of the TWTC

Exhibition Hall 1 Entrance

Exhibition Hall 1 Interior

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