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Pick Number:P1995
Denom:2000 Yuan
Dimension:165 mm x 70 mm
UNC Value (in TWD):2000
Obverse primary:ROCSAT-1
Obverse secondary:Taipei World Trade Center 
Reverse primary:Formosan landlocked salmon
Reverse secondary:Mount Nanhu 
Watermark:Pine and 2000 
3 variation:flat 
Water variation:Seal of CBC 
Remark:has detail image 

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New on 10/5/2001

In recent past, anti-counterfeit has became a hot topic in the society. An official from the Central Bank reveals that the 2000 Yuan note to be issued in July 2002 will bear an image shifting foil patch which reads "2000" as a new security feature. Different images are shown when seen at different angles.

The official mentions that large denomination notes are usually the target of criminal counterfeit organizations, thus, the Central Bank decided to add this device to the existing 14 security feature. In addition, if the 2000 Yuan note has the desired anti-counterfeit effect and is accepted by the public, the Bank does not rule of the possibility that the current 1000 Yuan notes will be added such device.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the issuance of New Taiwan Dollar, The Bank limitedly issued a commemorative 50 Yuan note, with foil patch that show an image of a plum flower. The official emphasizes that the foil patch used on the new 2000 note is higher grade, and stronger in anti-counterfeit, it will be the first Taiwan Dollar that employs such advanced advice.

On the other hand, the major security device of coins is the reeds. Only the newly issued 20 Yuan coin has the invisible text device. The official says coins carry less value and it requires specific machines when forging coins, therefore, they are less likely to be the target of counterfeit organization. Currently, there are no found forged 10 Yuan coins and 20 Yuan coins, and two counterfeit cases on the 50 Yuan coin.

The official says, the Bank has aggressively discussed the issue about anti-counterfeiting of circulated notes and coins, and will continue to strengthen security device in the future. The series 1999 notes were introduced with significantly better security features. Last year, the bank found 6 cases of counterfeit on the old 1000 Yuan note, 1 case on the new 1000 note, and 3 cases of mixed.

The official says, image shifting foil patch is an advanced security device. This device is employed in European countries only within the past 5 years. Examples can be found in Swiss Francs, Deutsche Mark, and British Pound.

The official says, the foils are glued on the surface of the notes; when used under normal circumstance, the foil would not drop or be damaged, unless someone purposely scratches it. Besides, the bank has chosen the super high grade foil patch, which is hard to acquired by the general public. They are impossible to be bought by counterfeit organizations. The purple-colour 2000 Yuan note will be issued in July 2002. The obverse side exhibits the ROCSAT-1 satellite, and the reverse side exhibits a Formosan landlocked salmon and Mount Nanhu.

CEO of CBC holding a specimen in March 2002 before its issuance

New security feature

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