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Mount Tapa is located at the border of Chian-Shi, Hsinchu county and Tai-An, Miaoli county. As one of the highest mountain in Taiwan, ut has a elevation of 3492 meters. The indigenous Taiya calls this unusual looking mountain "Babo Papak", Babo meaning mountain, and Papak meaning two ears, together "two-ear mountain". Mount Tapa, Mount Tafen, and Central Mountains are called "the three peaks of Taiwan".

Historical records of Tapa can be traced back to middle Qing Dynasty. It was known as the Pail Mountain because of its shape, or Heavenly Wood Mountain, or Pakpak Basin Mountain. There is also a poem "Queer Peak of Tapa" by Zhi-Ting, which I am incapable to translate.

Mount Tapa is now a part of Shei-Pa National Park.

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