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Because Mount Jade was built by Euro-Asia plate and Philippine plate, it has an elevation of 3952 meters, and a cross shape. It is the highest mountain in Taiwan, and the second highest mountain of East Asia. Due to its subtropical location, the seasonal change makes Mount Jade very different from its competitor Mount Fuji of Japan (3776 meters) which is permanently covered by snow, and Mount Kinabalu of Malaysia (4101 meters) which is covered by rain forests. During summer, Mount Jade has a forest green, and during winter, the snow on Mount Jade is 2~3 meter high, which is the reason Mount Jade acquires its name. Except winters, Mount Jade is always a favorite place for mountain hikers. The main peak is surrounded by the north, south, east, and west peak, showing a beautiful "cross".

Early data of Mount Jade indicated that its height is 3997 meters, so former Chinese Youth Hiking Association built a 3-meter-high bronze statue of Yu Yo-Ren at the peak so that the total elevation is 4000 meters. But after two intentional damages, the authority decided not to build another one, but a stone that says "Mount Jade main peak, 3952 meter", due to historical and ecological reasons.

Yushan (Mount Jade in Chinese) National Park was established in 1983.

Because of geographical and climate varieties, the vegetation in the park is well preserved. Also, Mount Jade is the most complex animal diversity. The park has 34 types of mammals, 151 types of birds, 17 types of insects, 12 types of amphibious animals, and 228 types of butterflies. These precious animals and their home necessarily needs to be protected.

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