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Bank of China Macau Branch ,previously called 'Macau Nam Tung Bank Limited', was founded on June 21th,1950. For the past 50 years, Bank of China Macau Branch, with the operating principle of 'Taking Root in Macau, and Serving Macau', has been supporting the economy development, maintaining financial stability and promoting society's progress. Bank of China Macau Branch at the same time has been developing very fast. The beginning of 1950s and 1960s is the founding period of Bank of China Macau Branch. Registered in the form of solely funded money house, Macau NamTung Bank Limited at that time could only handle overseas Chinese remittance, settlement, simple loans and other traditional banking businesses. From 1970s, with the issuance of Bank Law in Macau and with the development of all industrial and commercial lines of business, Nam Tung Bank Limited changed into a commercial bank and made its diversified development, thus became one of the most important financial institutions in Macau. From the beginning of 1980s, because of the opening policy of China and Macau's economic development, Bank of china Macau Branch has entered into a period of fast development in many sides, such as Groupifying, diversifying and electronifying.

In the new year's day of 1987, Nam Tung Bank Limited changed to its official name: 'Bank of China Macau Branch' and became Bank of China's ninth overseas branch. In 1991, Bank of China Macau Branch moved itself to 'Bank of China Building'---the now highest construction in Macau. On Oct 16th, 1995, Bank of China took part in Macau Pataca Notes issuing and thus opened a brand new page of becoming Macau note issuing bank. During the time of Macau's reunification with China, Bank of China Macau Branch participated in all kinds of significant activities of welcoming and celebrating the reunification and spared no efforts to the peaceful transition and the successful exchange of government sovereign. On April 28th, 2000, Bank of China Macau Branch signed an agent contract with Macau SAR Government and became one of the two cashier banks. On September 6th, Bank of China Macau Branch was elected the sixth board of directors' Chairman bank of the Macau Association of Banks (ABM) by ABM member banks.

By the end of 1999, Bank of China Macau Branch has 24 sub-branches and 1,100 staffs and a total assets: HKD 47,388 billion, deposit balance: HKD 34,017 billion and credit loans balance: HKD 17,595 billion. On the whole, regarding the business scope, assets scale and net profit, Bank of China Macau Branch has one third of market share among Macau Banks. Bank of China Macau is in the leading position in the management method, service quality, financial innovation, electronic development and other fields.

Bank of China Macau Branch has wholly-owned subsidiary: "Nam Tung Investment (Macao) Limited" and the "Nan Tung Bank, Zhuhai" invested by this in Zhuhai, and holds capital shares of "SOFIDEMA" and "Luen Fung Hang Insurance Co. Ltd." At the same time, also a member of consultative Committee of Macau, chairman of Bank Association, deputy chairman of Chinese Enterprise Association, president of Chinese Commerce Chamber fiscal Board, member of CPTTM and other important posts.

Looking into the future, Bank of China Macau Branch will be adhering to the policy of 'one country, two systems' and Macau's basic law and will continue to support Macau SAR. Bank of China Macau Branch will keep its operating principle of 'Taking Root in Macau and serving Macau' with stable operation and enterprising spirit and will work hard for the development of diversified business. With all walks of life in Macau together, Bank of China Macau branch will continue to contribute more to Macau's development and to the improvement of financial industry.

Bank of China - Macau Branch appears on the following banknote(s):
MOP P090 1995 10 Patacas
MOP P091 1996 20 Patacas
MOP P092 1995 50 Patacas
MOP P093 1995 100 Patacas
MOP P094 1995 500 Patacas
MOP P095 1995 1000 Patacas
MOP P096 1999 20 Patacas
MOP P097 1999 50 Patacas
MOP P098 1999 100 Patacas
MOP P099 1999 500 Patacas
MOP P100 1999 1000 Patacas
MOP P101 2001 10 Patacas

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