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Pick Number:P1956
Denom:100 Yuan
Dimension:75 mm x 163 mm
UNC Value (in TWD):350000
Obverse primary:Sun Yat-Sen
Obverse secondary: 
Reverse primary:Bank of Taiwan
Reverse secondary:map of Taiwan 
3 variation:curvy 
Water variation:curvy 

:: Story ::
The denomination 100 Yuan is a very large amount at that time. Some hard working people coundn't make 100 Yuan. Because the value is big, and the obverse side carries flower pattern, collectors call this "big flower", and the other 100 Yuan in the same year "small flower".

This note was printed in 1949 (Republic Year 38). It was ready to be issued at a appropriate time. But the Nanmen branch of Bank of Taiwan accidentally release the "small flower" with some unexpected "big flower" mixed in the batch. The bank later realized and collected it. About 100 managed to survive in the public. It is currently the king of main island note.

:: TWD > 1949 Series ::

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