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Pick Number:PR112
Denom:100 Yuan
Dimension:163 mm x 69 mm
UNC Value (in TWD):plate letter C - 350
w/o plate letter - 3000
w/o plate letter = AA, DF, GL, KR, NW, RB; the first four are shared with Matsu notes, about 4M printed
C plate letter = BG, CY, DD, DU, FM, GJ, GZ, HA, JS, MX, QC, SR, TD, TH, UE, WN, XK, YB, ZT, about 14M printed
Obverse primary:Sun Yat-Sen
Obverse secondary: 
Reverse primary:The Office of the President
Reverse secondary: 
3 variation:flat 
Water variation:straight 

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PR110 10 Yuan 1969

PR111 50 Yuan 1969

PR112 100 Yuan 1972

PR112A 10 Yuan 1976

PR112B 500 Yuan 1981

PR112C 1000 Yuan 1981

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