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Pick Number:P902
Denom:100 Yuan
Dimension:165 mm x 80 mm
UNC Value (in RMB):118
Obverse primary:The Nine Dragon Wall in Beijing
Obverse secondary: 
Reverse primary:China Millennium Monument
Reverse secondary: 
Remark:quantity: 10 million 

:: Story ::
The following is the news report at the time of the issuance

To celebrate the advent of the new millenium the Bank of China has decided to issue commemorative bills/coins in China on November 28, 2000.

The commemorative bill to be issued will be a 100-yuan banknote of plastics, 165mm long and 80mm wide. It is bright-yellow colored, with a writhing dragon, symbol of the Chinese nation, spurting out a flaming ball on the right side.

On the left of the right side of the bill is a design of the Monument of Heaven that can be seen in a transparent area and on the right is an active holographic mark.

On the reverse side is China Millenium Monument, a key construction marking advent of the millenium. A flying Apsaras poses atop (a flying figure as seen in the frescoes of the Dunhuang Caves) and the Chinese transliteration of "Bank of China".

Occupying the upper right corner is the national emblem and the bottom right denomination and "Bank of China" in four languages of Chinese ethnic minorities as Mongolia, Tibet, Uighur and Zhuang.

The commemorative coin gives a face value of RMB$10 yuan, 25.5mm in diameter, of double colored copper alloy. On the front side is a huge wheel, symbol of history, rolling onwards forever. A rocket and modern buildings deck out the background.

The "Bank of China" in four Chinese characters and "2000" are sporting atop and at the bottom respectively. Seen on the reverse side is a design of "2000", formed of the earth, a ribbon and human eye, and a shining sun in the background. "Welcome the Millenium" and "10 Yuan" in Chinese characters at the bottom will tell all things clear about the bills and coins to be issued.

It is reported altogether 10m sets of commemorative bills/coins given same function of Reminbi currency and a corresponding face value will be issued and circulated to mark the advent of the new millennium in China.

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P891 50 Yuan 1999

P902 100 Yuan 2000

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