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Nantian Yizhu (the Pillar of Southern Heaven) is located in Tianya Haijiao (end of sky and the corner of the sea) scenery district, located at southwest seaside of Sanya city, Hainan Island. Hainan Island has long been a place for criminal outcasts and disgraced poets. Now the China government is working to build Hainan a China's Hawaii.

Roaming in Tianya Haijiao, you can see the dreamlike coastal scenery in the fantastic southern atmosphere and you will be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts: Is there a sea beyond the sea and a sky beyond the sky?

Similar to Tianya Haijiao, Nantian Yizhu has a legend too. Long ago, the sea around Hainan was so stormy that many fishermen lost their lives. The sorrow of their relatives accumulated and finally reached the Heaven. Two angels of Wangmu Goddess of Heaven were very sympathetic them and therefore decided to do something for the fishermen. They sneaked out the Heaven from the South Heaven Gate and came to South China Sea. They stopped the storm and help the fishermen to navigate their way. As a result, their lives are much improved. Realizing the angels were missing, Wangmu Goddess sent God and Goddess of Thunder to bring them back. The angels refused to go back and resist. They together morphed into a giant stone so that they could continue to navigate the fishermen. The God of Thunder angrily smashed the stone into two pieces. One of the pieces split into three near Li An, while the other landed next to Tianya Haijiao, erecting on the beach. Only until the end of 19th century, the pillar is engraved the four Chinese character "Nantian Yizhu" (the Pillar of Southern Heaven).

The Pillar of Southern Heaven appears on the following banknote(s):
RMB P885 1980 2 Yuan

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