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Mount Baota (Treasure Pagoda), also known as Mount Jialing, is located southeast of Yanan, Shaanxi. The Pagoda was built in Song Dynasty (618 ~ 907 AD), has a height of 44 meters and nine stories. One can view the entire city of Yanan from the top floor. There is a iron bell next to the pagoda which was built in Ming (1368 ~ 1644 AD). When the communist party was in Yanan, the bell was used to report time or alert. In addition, there is a 260-meter wide engraved stone tablet. The tablet face still remains complete, which makes it a precious artifact. The mountain has now became "Mount Baota Park" and a lardmark of Yanan City. Mount Baota is a must for all tourists who go to Yanan.

In year 1927, after the first failure of communist revolution, Mao Tse-Tung and Zhu De led their followers establishing a base in Mount Jinggang, Jiangxi. Under the Nationalist's pressure, the Red Army was forced to leave Jinggang, which was later called "the long march". The long march took place in 1934 - 1935, and ended at Mount Baota, Shaanxi. Therefore, these two mountains bear special meaning to the communist revolution.

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RMB P867 1953 2 Yuan

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