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The Manchus are mainly distributed all over the country with a comparatively greater number of them inhabiting in the three northeastern provinces. The population is 9.8 million.

According to the Manchu history, they were known as "Zhushen" nationality whose directly-related ancestry belonged to "Nuchen", an ancient nationality in the Ming Dynasty. In 1635, "Zhushen" (Nuchen) was changed to Manchu and after the Revolution of 1911 (the revolution led by Dr. Sun Yat-sen which overthrew the Qing Dynasty), it was changed to Manchu nationality.

The Manchus have their own language and writing, which was originated from Altai Language family. The Manchu language was created on the basis of the Mongolian language. At present, the residents at Aihui Town of Heihe City and Fuyu County, Heilongjiang Province can speak Manchu language. The majority of the Manchu nationality use Chinese language.

Soybean, sorghum and maise are produced in abundance in the area where the Manchus live. They also go in for such production as sericulture, apple and other breeding produces. The growth of ginseng, mushroom and edible fungus etc. is one of the sideline occupations of their gathering enterprise. The urban Manchus are also engaged in industries and handicraft industries.

Manchu Nationality appears on the following banknote(s):
RMB P881 1980 1 Jiao

Han (92%)
Zhuang (1.37%)
Manchu (0.87%)
Hui (0.76%)
Miao (0.65%)
Uygur (0.64%)
Yi (0.58%)
Mongolian (0.42%)
Tibetan (0.41%)
Bouyei (0.22%)
Dong (0.22%)
Yao (0.19%)
Korean (0.17%)
Gaoshan (0.03%)

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