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The Korean nationality is distributed mainly over Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Jilin Province and also over Heilongjiang, Liaoning provinces and the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. The population is 1.92 million.

The Chinese Korean nationality was the Koreans who moved from the Korean Peninsula to the three northeastern provinces of China, the first batch who moved in started in the last years of the Ming Dynasty and the first years of the Qing Dynasty. The second batch moved in 1869 when they avoided the great calamity, and again a great number of Koreans moved into various places of the northeastern part of China when the Japanese imperialism annexed Korea in 1910.

The Koreans have their own language and writing. They have 40 alphabets and when they spell the words, they put the phoneme of the same syllables together to form letter blocks so that they can create square-shaped writing.

The Koreans are good at growing paddy rice in the frigid region. The rice they grow is as white as snow and famous for its greasiness. The area where the Koreans inhabit is rich in natural resources, such as forestry, animals and plants. The ginseng, marten fur, and pilose antler are highly pratsed as the "Three Treasures" of the northeast. The ox bred in Yanbian is one of the fine breeds in the five big producing areas of our country.

Korean Nationality appears on the following banknote(s):
RMB P882 1980 2 Jiao

Han (92%)
Zhuang (1.37%)
Manchu (0.87%)
Hui (0.76%)
Miao (0.65%)
Uygur (0.64%)
Yi (0.58%)
Mongolian (0.42%)
Tibetan (0.41%)
Bouyei (0.22%)
Dong (0.22%)
Yao (0.19%)
Korean (0.17%)
Gaoshan (0.03%)

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