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The Han people constitute the largest ethnic group both in China and in the world. There are about 1.1 billion Han people living throughout China and Making up 92 percent of the population.

The formation and development of the Han people was a continuous process of integration of the earliest Huaxia tribe with other related tribes and ethnic groups. It was in the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220AD) that they adopted the name 'Han'.

The Han language, common speech (putonghua), is based on the Beijing dialect. Modern Chinese characters developed from oracle-bone script (Jiaguwen) and cast-bronze inscriptions (Jinwen) which were created over 3000 years ago.

Han Nationality appears on the following banknote(s):
RMB P887 1980 10 Yuan

Han (92%)
Zhuang (1.37%)
Manchu (0.87%)
Hui (0.76%)
Miao (0.65%)
Uygur (0.64%)
Yi (0.58%)
Mongolian (0.42%)
Tibetan (0.41%)
Bouyei (0.22%)
Dong (0.22%)
Yao (0.19%)
Korean (0.17%)
Gaoshan (0.03%)

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