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Chuoshui River is the biggest river in Taiwan, flowing from east to west, going into Taiwan Strait, and is the natural border of Yunlin county and Changhua county in central Taiwan.

The construction of Hsilo Bridge was finished in 12/25 1952. It is 1939 meter long, and 7.32 meter wide. The bridge crosses the longest river in central Taiwan, Chuoshui River. At that time, it was the longest bridge in Taiwan. It used to be the only path from the north and the south, and the traffic was enormous.

The unique style, artistic construction makes itself a competitor of the Golden Gate of San Francisco. The competition of the bridge marks a milestone of bridge construction.

Hsilo Bridge appears on the following banknote(s):
TWD P1969 1960 10 Yuan
TWD P1970 1960 10 Yuan

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