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11/23/2006 I am User:Chochopk on Wikipedia, English as well as Chinese. I hereby allow all my images to be used on Wikipedia, including on Commons on 2 conditions. 1. The source must be mentioned. 2. Files uploaded must remain in their original file name, except for newer notes that have yet to receive a Pick number (i.e. the files that have "PNew" as part of their file names), where you can substitute "Newxx" with a known Pick number. I am also willing to discuss possibly better naming scheme.

12/04/2005 The domain name sinobanknote.com is about to expire. I'm thinking about switching over to sinobanknote.net, or simply renew sinobanknote.com. I cannot be sure what I will do ultimately. Also, I am aware that new banknotes are coming out, and this website is really lagging behind. I apologize for the delay. I've been very busy for the past 2 years. I'll try to catch up.

11/11/2003 Corrected the words "observe" and "reserve" to "obverse" and "reverse" (as in front and back). This correction applies to texts in the Wallpapers.

9/8/2003 Updated the banknote map and photo of HKD SCB 10 Dollars.

9/3/2003 Added HSBC 100 Dollars 2003, HSBC 500 Dollars 2003, SCB 100 Dollars 2003, SCB 500 Dollars 2003, BoC 100 Dollars 2003, BoC 500 Dollars 2003

7/17/2003 Pick numbers updated: TWD P1992 200 Yuan, TWD P1993 500 Yuan, TWD P1994 1000 Yuan, TWD P1995 2000 Yuan, HKD HSBC 1000 Dollars, HKD SCB 1000 Dollars, HKD BoC 1000 Dollars, HKD Gov 10 Dollars.

7/3/2003 Sinobanknote strongly supports the issuance of TW 2000 Yuan, 200 Yuan banknote, and 20 Yuan coin. The main reason is to save government budget, to reduce the weight in people's pocket, and to increase the collectability of Taiwan Yuan. If you live in Taiwan and agree with me, please actively obtain those banknotes and coins from banks, use them and spread them to the public. Sinobanknote protests against the fact that Easy Card add value machines in Taipei Rapid Transit (subway) stations do not accept the 200 Yuan banknote.

6/20/2003 A late news added (1/3/2003)

3/8/2003 Some people have been hogging the bandwidth by sending redundant requests of currency exchange rates. The page is temporary down due to this exploitation.

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New Macau Banknotes
Bank of China will issue 5.2 billion Patacas worth of banknotes in 2004 and gradually replace the circulating BoC notes....

New Hong Kong Banknotes
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the three note-issuing banks (Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, Standard Chartered Bank and The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited) today (Wednesday) announced the forthcoming issue of a new series of Hong Kong banknotes in 2003 and 2004.

The new series consists of five denominations. Two denominations, HK$100 and HK$500, the designs for which were unveiled today, will be put into circulation in December 2003. The remaining three denominations, HK$20, HK$50 and HK$1,000, will go into circulation in the second half of 2004....

Numismatics Exhibition in Taipei
Have you seen Money Cowrie used in the Qin Dynasty? Or "Yuan's Big Head", "Gold Yuan"? An exhibition of Chinese money is being held in the (underground) Taipei City Mall near MRT Taipei Main Station, which includes almost a thousand items of Chinese coins and banknotes....

10 Dollar "Flower Crabs" Shortage. Larger Supply on the 20th.
Being less than a month to the Lunar New Year (Feb. 1st), the new HK$10 banknotes issued last year by Hong Kong Monetary Agency (HKMA) for the citizen's convenience are "out of stock" in recent days. Both Hang Seng Bank and HSBC stated that they could not supply large quantity of the new "Flower Crab" to citizens until the 20th. Representative from HSBC also said the exchange quantity will be restricted....

New HK$ banknotes to be issued in the third quarter
Under the pressure of the newly appeared HK$100 and HK$500 counterfeit banknote, Hong Kong Monetary Agency yesterday announced that the basic designs of the new banknotes, except the HK$10 and the HK$1000 notes, have been completed. After the completion of the image designs by the three banknote-issuing banks, and the approval of the Financial Secretary Antony Leung, the new banknotes with new security features will be issued in the third quarter of 2003....

China Issues New RMB Banknote, Coin
The People's Bank of China will issue a new five-yuan bank note and a five-jiao (ten jiao equal one yuan) coin from November 18, the central bank announced Friday....

Set of #000001 Kinmen notes sold for 1.1M NTD, a new record
The famous million (NT)dollar auction broke the high price record of online auction in Taiwan. The item consists of 4 notes of Bank of Taiwan Kinmen only 10 Yuan, 5 Yuan, 1 Yuan, and 50 cents dated from 1949 to 1955, with serial number 000001. The ending price was NTD 1,100,501....

Tomorrow's changeover
Tomorrow the old version of New Taiwan Dollar will retire and officially withdraw from the circulation. At the same time, CBC will introduce the first 2000 Yuan note in the history to the public....

Hong Kong's new $10 note
The Financial Secretary today (Friday) announced plans for the issue of a new $10 note. The new $10 note will be issued by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and will be gradually put into circulation in the late summer and early autumn. ...

CBC will issue new 50 Yuan coin with new security feature
In order to prevent counterfeiting on 50 Taiwan Dollar coin, CBC decided to issue new 50 Yuan coin with latent image security device on 4/26. If the new coin goes into public, there will be 4 version of 50 Yuan circulating concurrently....

RMB marching into neighbors
According to sources in mainland, RMB takes 60% of the cash volume on Mongolia. Last month, the Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia publicly encouraged his people to use RMB. Because RMB is virtually linked to USD, RMB has became as popular in neighboring countries since UDS went strong....

PBC denying "pu" prefix being counterfeit
In recent past, there exists a wide-speading rumor about "pu" prefix 100 Yuan RMB of series 4 is counterfeit. Therefore, many people who are "aware" of the "fact" started to refuse pu-prefix notes. To resolve the truth, the reporter has consulted the currency department of People's Bank of China; they claim such rumor is false....

7 Major Banks in Taiwan Accepting Cash Change in Feb.
For the upcoming Chinese New Year in February, the Central Bank points out that 7 major banks in Taiwan will establish exclusive counters to provide cash exchange service from 2/4 to 2/8 for those who demand UNC bills. These banks are Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, First Commercial Bank, Hua Nan Bank, Chang Hwa Bank, Land Bank, and Taiwan Business Bank....

New 200 Yuan Banknote
TWD 200 Yuan has been issued. It features the portrait of Chiang Kai-Shek, education, and agriculture on obverse, the Office of the President on reverse....

New 2000 TWD Note, Foil Patch Added
In recent past, anti-counterfeit has became a hot topic in the society. An official from the Central Bank reveals that the 2000 Yuan note to be issued in July 2002 will bear an image shifting foil patch which reads "2000" as a new security feature. Different images are shown when seen at different angles....

Public Notice of 50 Yuan and 10 Yuan of RMB Series 5 by PBC
By the executive order No. 268 of the State Council of PRC on 6/30/1999, People's Bank of China shall issue the third batch of RMB series 5 today. They are 50 Yuan note and 10 Yuan note. The public notice is as the following:...